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About Me

I've always been something of an artist. Though I suppose the term "artist" is subjective and dependent on point of view.  

I began making custom art, believe it or not, in 3rd grade. I designed the flyers for a school play. Nothing to get excited over, I know, but everyone starts somewhere, right? My more professional work has been recently, during the last few years or so. As I started to play with Photoshop and get more familiar with it, people began more and more to ask me to create things for them. Usually these would be forum signatures and avatars. For the last couple of years, I have been doing most of my art in a 3d program, called DAZStudio. I have actually been asked to create whole family portraits of people's gaming characters since I have been using this program, though the requests for custom signatures has not slowed at all. In fact, it increased somewhat. I figured since those people were so happy with their custom work, I'd broaden my scope a bit and offer to more than the community I was currently supporting.